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NewBusinessMonitor is a powerful sales automation tool. Over 12,000 companies are registered in the United Kingdom every week, and sorting through all that data to find sales leads is a gruelling task to say the least. We provide the latest data on businesses registered every day, and a range of filters to quickly target your ideal customer base. Armed with this information you are able to get personal with your potential clients and close sales before any of your competitors.


Our aim is to help SMEs spend less time on sales on marketing so they can do what they do best — deliver great products and services to their community. In an era of impersonal, spammy email campaigns which mostly go ignored at best, we believe in the power of the personalised letter. A physical document that your clients can hold in their hands, that shows you genuinely care about their business and compels them to engage with you. We believe that with NewBusinessMonitor, your marketing campaigns will convert and your business will grow.

NewBusinessMonitor is taking part in YCombinator Startup School 2018.

Because NewBusinessMonitor is fully supported by user payments, the site will never show ads, and user data will never be shared with third parties.


Jezen Thomas

Jezen Thomas is a software developer and entrepreneur. After several years of consulting on software projects internationally and speaking at technical conferences, Jezen turned his attention to solving business problems with SaaS products written in Haskell and Elm.

A perpetual traveler with a passport in one hand and a laptop in the other, Jezen runs NewBusinessMonitor from everywhere in the world.