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Growth for your
business, on autopilot.

There are 1,685 new companies registered in the UK every day. We sort and filter these businesses for you, and we automate your outbound B2B marketing campaigns by sending personalised sales letters to your target market.

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I found the system extremely user friendly and all support I required was answered immediately. A great and cost effective way to target new start up businesses.

David McDonald
Client Relationship Manager
Saffron Insurance

Acquire new customers

NewBusinessMonitor gives you powerful filters to sort through huge amounts of company data at blazing speed. You can filter companies by any combination of:

  • Registration date
  • Market sector (SIC code)
  • Distance from your office
  • Accounts category

For example, you could narrow company search results to only show active software development consultancy companies which haven't yet filed their accounts.

Enrich your data

Your lead data can be exported to denormalised CSV files, allowing you to import them into Excel, Google Sheets, or any other CRM system.

By streamlining your lead generation process, you can supercharge your B2B sales and marketing efforts, whether those roles in your company are separate departments, or even if you are a one-person supergroup.

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