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There are 1,685 new companies started in the UK every day. We sort and filter your target market, and you get key client names and office addresses.

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How It Works

  1. We find information on the latest companies formed in the UK.
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Don't want to receive this information by email? No problem. You can also sign in and view the latest data on your dashboard. You can even view details of companies formed in earlier periods.

Powerful Features for Targeted Results

Filter Results By Relevance

If you're not interested in seeing all of the latest companies incorporated in the UK, you can filter companies by market sector. Or you can filter them by how far away they are from you. Or both!

Set Your Own Schedule

We all grow at different rates. Are daily reports too much, too often for you? No problem. You can choose a day of the week to receive weekly reports, or a date to receive a monthly summary.

Integrate With Other Systems

All of your data is portable! If you want to integrate company data with any other system, you can export your data at any time in a range of formats, such as JSON, XML, CSV, and XLS.

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